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A proven solution


Tilter® has been developed over a number of years and tested not only by an independent testing institute but also in practice in mass produced easy chairs and office chairs. 


And Tilter® has also demonstrated its strength and practicability in series of school chairs – one Norwegian line of school chairs designed by Asbjørnsen himself. 


In the hands of experienced furniture designers and manufacturers, Tilter® has proved its functional benefits and design-related qualities.

Tilter® technology

With its double-sided, vulcanised rubber spring system, Tilter® utilises the comfortable and creak-free "stretch and retract" principle.

Simple, compact design with low build-in height.


When needed, Tilter® can be equipped with a lever for height adjustment of the seat.

Strong, creak free rubber-to-steel bonding


Tilter® transfers the self-righting, soothing movement we know so well from the classic rocking chair to new functional and highly comfortable chairs and stools.


Tilter® utilises the "stretch-and-retract" principle of a two-sided, vulcanized rubber spring system.


Compared to a mechanical spring system or one-sided rubber dampers, Tilter® gives a noticeably better sense of comfort. 


As no mechanical friction is generated, Tilter® is completely creak free. This is a major benefit when designing comfortable chairs and stools. 


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