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Freedom in motion

An intelligent design


First and foremost, the Tilter® concept allows simplicity in design and easy access to a varied sitting posture.


Furniture designers can therefore go beyond previous limits for creativity and function.


Users can enjoy comfortable and healthy motion while seated, without having to manually set seat adjustment mechanisms.

The development of Tilter® is lead by an insisting idea of unite aesthetics, simplicity, comfortability and durability. Reflected in, what we could call, the three Tilter-isms


A new angle on chairs and stools

Office and easy chairs alike must possess high functional quality. They must also be suitable for environments characterised to an ever-growing extent by versatility and homely comfort.


There is therefore an obvious demand for simpler, more user friendly and ergonomic chairs and stools. Tilter® technology offers a compact and simple solution for active seating – a visionary contribution to current trends.


Tilter® gives designers considerable freedom in the design of motion chairs. And it gives consumers an exceptional sitting experience in a highly versatile piece of furniture.


Resource awareness and sustainability are also strong catchwords, not only for manufacturers and businesses but also for public-sector institutions and private consumers. Using a minimum of materials and allowing recycling, Tilter® admirably meets such requirements.


The concept comprises several Tilter® types, all of which are available in a range of variants differing in motion style and applications. 

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