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Three styles of motion

'FREE  /  'OVAL  /  'LINE
Which style suits YOUR chair?

Tilter® gives designers considerable freedom in the design of active chairs. And users enjoy an exceptional sitting experience.


A sloping seat allows blood to flow more freely between upper and lower parts of the body. A correct rocking movement has a relaxing and stimulating effect and improves concentration. 


The choice of motion style depends on chair type and application. 


Read more about the three Tilter® motion styles here. 


Motion style 'LINE is ideal for any type of chair with star base, but is particularly suitable for restaurant and dining chairs as well as large easy chairs.

Motion style 'OVAL is the perfect choice for office chairs for adult users or for occasional chairs in lounges and living rooms.

Motion style 'FREE is most suitable for school, office and work chairs. Various variants offer ideal solutions for light-weight children's furniture and chairs for adult users.

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