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Reviews & Articles

Experts' reviews and other articles about Tilter.

»In general, we are simply quite poor at using all the 
possibilities for seat adjustments. In large and open modern offices where chairs and desks are shared, very few people manage to have their chairs properly adjusted. Both here and in meeting rooms, Tilter has a huge advantage since movement and variation compensate to a large extent for any lack of individualised adjustments to the chair«

Tilter is an ergonomic advance

Pernille Andersen, Ergomentor - Dec. 2015

»When the chair seat easily tilts, it becomes possible to change one's sitting posture without it being noticed. When you begin to feel uncomfortable in one position, you just automatically tilt the seat in a different direction. This allows your concentration to be preserved, and no sounds are made by the chair legs when people shift position«

Tilter preserves your concentration 

Svein Asbjørnsen, sapDesign - Oct. 2015

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