Pioneering seat motion for active chairs.
The easy concept for relaxed, healthy sitting. Compact, durable and functional.
Tilter® has it all


Characterised by
simple expression
and everything
that's been omitted.

Tilter makes


A unique device
that combines
simple design,
ease of use and
ergonomic comfort. 

Tilter® is the
realisation of 
a visionary idea.


Light-weight chairs.
Dynamic seat motions.
Active and versatile usage.

Tilter® is a reaction
to static chairs.

Awarded 'Intelligent material & design' 2015

IT attack affects our operations

Our group, Addtech AB, is subject to cyber crime that affects the group's IT systems and operations. Approximately 80 of Addtech’s 130 companies are affected by the attack, including Betech A/S - the comapany behind Tilter®. Since the attack started 30 October, the group has full focus on restoring systems to normal operations. further updates available at

How to contact us: Call us by phone +45 44858100 , send us an email to or use the contact form.